About us


International Relocation Center Group ( IRC Group ) will be the most professional help in your relocation process in Hungary.

If you are looking for a new home – we will provide you the best service in home search with the most experienced Destination Service - and Real Estate Agents! We will personally assist you during the process!
If you need a visa or permits – we will arrange all relocation process for you on the smoothest and quickest way with our professional relocation team!

We are your solution!

Whether using our services as Individual or from a Company, you will find the perfect solution and services with US. We guarantee all the work we performe!
Our commitment to caring for our clients needs does not end with our fully-comprehensive relocation service of exceptional quality. Looking back over our many years of experiences, we have come to understand all the nuances of the relocation process, including the typical problems and difficulties that might appear. We extend our services in a manner which helps our clients avoid even the slightest problem. Our client’s satisfaction is the most important, what we do, for both our private and corporate clients.

Relocation is always a demanding time, increasing the pressure on all aspects of one’s life. Therefore we provide our customers the highest quality level of services that will satisfy even the highest demands. This is the reason you should choose us:

  • IRC Group provides the most experienced relocation experts,
  • Our experts aim is, to arrange our client’s relocation in the least stressful way possible.
  • We understand how important the for our clients. Therefore, we provide a range of services designed to decrease the impact of relocation.
  • We save our clients time and energy, which they can commit to the professional or more personal aspects of their lives and business.
  • Customer information is provided along clearly defined lines of communication
  • We provide to each process a single point of contact.
  • We provide transparent information to each process
  • We use the most modern technologies
  • We have an extensive network of contacts
  • IRC Group guarantee all the work we performed!
  The quality of our unique services is repeatedly confirmed by our increasing referrals from faithful clients and the prominence of our clientele.