orientationWhen you relocate to another country, usually the very first step is to get to know the hosting country. Our first priority with relocation assistance is to ensure a warm and adequate introduction to Hungary and the many opportunities it has to offer.

IRC Group provides a personalized program for this purpose.

We introduce Hungary as a potential new home to our clients during their first visit. We provide our clients with a customized orientation program tailored to the aspects of culture and daily life they find most important. We offer as much useful information as possible about the steps involved in moving to Hungary, including helping our clients, navigate Budapest’s rich and varied real estate market.
Each program is based on the client’s responses to a survey of their specific needs and interests. This preliminary visit can include sightseeing in the city, getting to know particular districts or neighborhoods, assistance in selecting the most suitable school or day-care facility, visiting pre-selected housing options, or any element of city or daily life which the client finds the most interesting and important.

Our program generally includes the following:
  • Initial customer survey of needs and requirements
  • Consultation to discuss and confirm key areas to cover during the tour
  • A general overview and presentation introducing of Hungary and Budapest
  • Guided city tour touching on the key areas of interest. Typical areas include: relevant neighborhoods, education centers, shopping, healthcare facilities, recreation and entertainment options, restaurants, night life, museums, cultural events, residential areas, schools, etc.
  • Detailed information on relocation and settlement from visas and registration to moving.
  • General Information Guide on Budapest outlining the city’s major places of interest, historical sites, events and attractions, residential areas, kindergardens, daycares and schools, healthcare centers, sports and entertainment facilities, banks, insurance companies, public transport options, maps, periodicals, and other areas of interest and necessity for a successful and enjoyable relocation.