Home Search


home searchRelocating to a country where one is unfamiliar with the local property business presents a sizable challenge. Finding the ideal home without knowing the market or possibilities, or understanding the local habits can be very difficult and stressful. Our expert team is ready to represent your interests. Our uniquely qualified experts at IRC Group ensure that our clients find the best home of their choice in the most efficient and convenient way possible.
IRC Group is proud to be the largest “Destination Service” company, as well as being completely one-of-a-kind in the Hungarian real estate market. We are uniquely positioned to offer our clients literally peerless services.
We offer our clients the widest and most up-to-date range of properties on the Hungarian real estate market with the most favorable contract terms and conditions.
We provide assistance and support at every stage of the home search. Thanks to our experts’ 20 years of experience, we perform property research for our clients by seeking all the available properties organize inspection and visits of client-selected properties, negotiate and offer language services on the terms of the lease agreement, and provide help with the actual moving-in process, including the shipping and transportation of belongings.

home searchAlthough each and every property search is unique, our general home search process contains the following:
  • Contacting the expatriate to survey their needs and requirements.
  • Analyzing the client’s response to our "Property Request Form".
  • Conducting phone consultations for discussion and review of housing preferences.
  • Consolidating information received from the client and creating a housing profile.
  • Searching for the most suitable properties available on the market.
  • Presenting our client with detailed property profiles, including pictures.
  • Arranging inspections and visits to client-selected properties.
  • Accompanying our client to the selected properties.
  • Negotiating and offering translation services for selected properties.
  • Concluding the lease agreement.
  • Helping with the move-in process, including shipping and transport services.
  • Legally documenting the state of the property upon move-in (minutes).
  • Ensuring that the property is maintained to a high standard.
  • Guaranteeing that all arrangements and agreements regarding the move-in are met