1. Where should I live?
  2. How to find a good property or home?
  3. Where can I send my children to school?
  4. How can I use the public transport in the city?
  5. Where can I go if I am sick?
  6. Whom to call if I am in trouble?

1. Where should I live?

Favored areas among foreigners in the Budapest area:
  • On the Buda side: Districts 1, 2, 3, 11, 12 (family homes among the hills).
  • On the Pest side: Districts 5, 6, 7, 13 (the heart of the city close to the Danube)
When looking for a neighborhood to settle, pay attention to the local facilities.

The Buda side is preferable for families because of the green and quiet surroundings, the selection of wide range of houses and large apartments and the close proximity of International Schools.

The Pest side is preferable among couples or those who like the nigh life, the close proximity of restaurants and prefer the city life.

The Castle District (District 1) in Buda is the ancient kernel of the capital's right-bank settlement. Everything that surrounds it was once only suburbs. From whatever direction you reach the Castle District, you cross the ramparts which completely encircle Castle Hill. The whole area within the ramparts is protected as an ancient monument: the lines of the streets and the foundations and architectural remains of the buildings retain the atmosphere and memories of the medieval and eighteenth and nineteenth-century capital.
(video: http://www.ehow.com/video_2201213_visiting-castle-district-budapest.html)

Downtown. District 5 is located in the very centre of Pest. This is the place to have a swinging' bachelor pad a hop, skip and jump away from work, banks, restaurants, bars, etc... District 5 includes the Parliament Buildings and many Ministries that make up Hungary’s Administration, and it is also the main financial district of Budapest.
2. How to find a good property or home?

You can contact several real estate agencies in Budapest, but you have to know that the property market is rather chaotic in Budapest. Mostly all real estate agents are advertising the same properties as the owners are in contract with many of them. Also they quite often still advertise properties which are already rented.
If you want to spare time and avoid several unnecessary calls, the best solution is to ask for the help of a relocation agent. They also offer free services in various home searches!

3. Where can I send my children to school?
American International School Budapest
www.aisb.hu, email: admissions@nk.aisb.hu phone: (+36 26) 556-000

International School of Budapest
www.isb.hu phone: (+36 1) 395-9312

Magyar British School Foundation
mbis@pronet.hu phone: (+36 1) 200-75-71/72/73

SEK International Institution
www.sek.net phone: (+36 1) 394-2968

Deutsche Schule Budapest
www.deutscheshule.hu e-mail: dsbuda@hu.inter.net phone: (+36 1) 391-9100

British International School Budapest
www.bisb.hu e-mail: admissions@bisb.hu phone: (+ 36 1) 200 99-71, (+36 1) 200-8488

Britannica International School
www.britannicaschool.hu e-mail: office@britannicaschool.hu phone: (+36 1) 466-9794

Greater Grace International School (GGIS)
GGIS is a prime quality school both in personal development and academicals achievement.
English-speaking, international, private
PreK-12 school presently represented by thirty nationalities and ten religions.
www.ggis.hu E-mail: principal@ggis.hu phone: (+36 1) 275 4795, 274 4053

Budapest French School
E-mail: I.f.b@t-online.hu phone: (+ 36 1) 275-4296

Austrian School
www.europaschule.hu e-mail: Euschule@t-online.hu phone: (+36 1) 356-4657

Budapest Japanese Supplementary School
www.hoshuko.hu e-mail: bpjp@pronet.hu phone: (+36 1) 200-8856

Chinese School
1157 Budapest, Kavicsos köz 2-4. Phone: (+36 1) 418-27-00

Happy Kids International Kindergarten
H-Budapest, 1124 Budapest, Fodor u. 36.
http://www.happykids.hu/en/index.php phone: Tel: 356 2440

Eszterlánc Hungarian-English Montessori Óvoda
1112 Budapest, Menyecske u. 14.
http://www.lanclanc.hu/ Email: info@lanclanc.hu, phone: 06 30 543 3432

Mother Goose Nursery School
1121 Budapest, Melinda út 19., 1121 Budapest, Széchenyi emlékút 22.
Tel: http://www.mothergoose.hu/ Email: info@mothergoose.hu, phone: +36 1 391-7227, +36 20 357 2108

Planet Kids International Kindergarten
1021 Budapest, Budakeszi út 73. | +36-1-200-6537 | http://www.planet-kids.hu , info@planet-kids.hu

Busy Bee Nemzetközi Óvoda
1016 Budpaest, Mészáros u. 18., http://busybee.hu, phone: +36-30-952-7553

International Playhouse of Bilimbo
www.bilimbo.hu, email: bilimbo@bilimbo.hu
1016 Budapest, Nyárs u. 3. Phone: (+36 1) 20-991-0110, (+36 1) 30-251-7133

4. How can I use the public transport in the city?

In Budapest the public transport is well organized! You can reach all your desired destinations with different means of transports. You can choose from metro, tram, suburban railway, bus, trolley-bus, bike, etc...
For more info including site maps, tickets, passes and conditions please visit http://www.bkv.hu/en

5. Where can I go if I am sick?

In the case of emergency the Hungarian hospitals must give immediate assistance. If you have a special problem – depending on whether you have insurance – you may go to any Hungarian public hospital. However, there is a wide range of private hospitals in Hungary – it may be so that your insurance covers assistance in these hospitals or your company has contract with them.
1. Buda Health Center - www.bhc.hu
2. American Clinics International - www.americanclinics.com
3. Heim Pál Children’s Hospital – urgent cases; address: VIII. Üllői út 86.; phone number: 459 9100

Rózsakert Medical Center:
1026 Budapest Gábor Áron út 74-78/a
Tel.: (+36-1)-391-5903 www.medical-center.hu

International Medical Services:
1138 Budapest Váci út 184., ill. 1035 Vihar u. 29. (vihar@imskft.hu; tel.: 388-82-57; tel./fax: 250-38-29
Tel.: 329-8423; 349-9349
e-mail: vaci@imskft.hu www.imskft.hu

Firstmed Centers:
1015 Budapest Hattyú u. 14.
Tel.: (+36-1)-224-90-90
e-mail: info@firstmedcenters.com www.firstmedcenters.com

Expat Medical- Dr. Tímár Tibor:
1037 Mátyáshegyi út 43.
Tel./fax: 240-43-24; mobil: 0630/914-14-77
e-amil: info@expatmedical.hu www.expatmedical.hu

6. Whom to call if I am in trouble
Ambulance: 104
Police: 107
Fire service: 105
General emergency call: 112
Auto club Breakdown Service: 088